Mirapatches avis

Mirapatches avis

De bonnes tranches pour l'amaigrissement!


March 3rd 2004 - Sigma Beta Phi, Canton chapter - Informative lecture with a dance at the end. Jal went along for both support and to help end the lecture with a duo dance.

March 8th 2004 - 2 hour Workshop, Spoon River Community College, Canton - Co-taught a class with Inanna. Beginner class with choreography taught the second hour.

March 15th - 20th - Gulf Wars, Lumberton, MS - Took Ghawazee, Persian Line, and Central Asian Dances. Also took Arabic Culture, Beginner Drumming and Moroccan Cooking classes.

March 19 - 20 2004 - Banat Casablanca performed at the International Bazaar in Western Hall at WIU.



March 22nd 2004 - 6 week beginner fitness class - Spoon River Community College, Canton - Beginner class with cardio-fitness in mind.

April 22nd 2004 - Multi-Cultural Night, Spoon River Community College, Canton - 12 minute show with the Sword Dance, Debke, and Jal’s Tray Dance. 6 Banat Casablanca members where in attendance.

Съвети, отслабване, препарати


May 1st - Blue Lotus Tribe - Sponsored by Oasis of Dance. Banat Casablanca attended the workshop and then performed at the show. 9 Banat Casablanca Dancers attended and 1 Cabana Boy for help with props. Peoria Illinois.

June 5 & 6 2004 - Paulette Rees-Denis - Sponsored by Lela Lint. Ayu, Jal, Inanna, and Serida attended the Tribal Workshops in Columbus Ohio. Paulette Rees-Denis, Director of Gypsy Caravan accompanied by Jeff Rees will be teaching the workshop. We learned wonderful tribal moves and some great Indian and Flamingo accent combo's.